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When you sign up for a gym membership, we know you’re looking for results. Our nationally-certified personal trainers have worked with thousands of clients who’ve experienced lasting improvements to their health and fitness and they have one thing in common: they had a plan.

So, let’s come up with one together.

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Whether you’re a new member without a roadmap or an experienced fitness buff in need of a little extra accountability, consider connecting with one of our personal trainers. You’ll meet individually to assess your fitness level, goals, preferences, and daily schedule to tailor a program just for you. Whether you want to work out at your own pace or prefer the energy of a group, our trainers will include activities you most enjoy and then coach you along to success.


Functional training primes muscles for everyday activities such as lifting, squatting, bending, tugging, and twisting by boosting your core strength, which improves balance, stability, and flexibility. Ask our personal trainers about incorporating functional training into your routine. They can recommend proper form and technique for peak efficiency without stress or strain.


Our PHIIT classes are small, usually 5 to 15 people, and led by a coach who considers your age, general health, and activity level to determine the intensity, duration, and frequency of training. Workouts can be modified to fit your comfort zone under the watchful eye of a personal trainer, which minimizes the risk of injury as you learn the routine and techniques. Programs include:

  • Foundations – introduces beginners to the concepts of functional and weight training
  • Afterburn – combines functional workouts with cardio intervals
  • Industrial Strength – these interval sessions increase strength and intensity to take your workout to a stronger level