Swimming / Aquatics

National Fitness Center/Court South offers both group and private swim lessons for members and non-members. Group lessons begin with children age 3 and up. Children are assigned to levels based on their age and ability.

LEVEL 1 is an introduction-to-water class and is for beginners who have never had any lessons before. The main goal is to help children get comfortable in the water.

LEVEL 2 is a basic water class and children should already be comfortable in the water. This class teaches children to float and swim short distances on both front and back, with and without the assistance of a float belt.

LEVEL 3 is an intermediate class that focuses on stroke technique. Students in level 3 are expected to swim 15 yards independently and have the ability to do some freestyle and backstroke.

LEVEL 4 is an intermediate-advanced class that covers all four of the competitive strokes. These students are working toward longer distances required for team and pre-team classes.

LEVEL 5 (or Pre-Team) is an advanced class for students who are working toward a swim team or want the challenge of a team without the commitment. Starts, turns and basic team knowledge are taught in conjunction with stroke technique.

NOTE: In addition to the strokes, safety around the water is also discussed in each level.

Private and semi-private lessons are available upon request for any age and any skill level to both members and non-members. Semi-private requests can be made for up to six students in one class. The outline for private and semi-private lessons comes from the student or the student’s parent and their desires for what they want to accomplish during their lesson times. Both private and semi-private lessons are purchased in packages of 6 lessons.